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Is a traffic lawyer expensive?

Traffic lawyers can be expensive, but it depends on the lawyer and the services he offers. Some traffic lawyers may charge high fees for certain cases such as DUI or DWI charges. However, they will also offer discounts and specials, such as flat fee options for traffic tickets, speeding tickets and minor misdemeanors.

Other lawyers will offer very affordable payment options for certain cases, especially in a situation where you want to fight the case yourself without any legal representation. Most of these attorneys will also allow you to pay in installments rather than in a lump sum.

Traffic ticket lawyers may charge you per hour. Some attorneys charge around $100-$200 an hour for their services in an average misdemeanor case, while other lawyers may charge anywhere from $150 to more than $300 an hour. If your case is complicated, the fees will probably increase too.

A traffic or DUI lawyer may also charge for court representation services. Some lawyers may not charge you anything extra to represent you in court, while other lawyers will charge $100-$300 an hour for their presence in your case. These fees are usually only paid by the defendant if there is a conviction. The attorney will then get 30% to 40% of the fines plus other costs set by the court.

The biggest issue is finding the right lawyer during a time of crisis. The price of a traffic attorney can be daunting but there is an easier way. Turn to My Ticket Attorney, the new way to fight a traffic ticket. My Ticket Attorney has a team of vetted traffic attorneys who will go to court for you and fight to get your ticket dismissed. For $9/month you can have peace of mind driving on the road knowing that if you get a traffic ticket, you will be matched with a traffic attorney who will take care of the ticket. All while you spend your day doing what you want! Visit or download the app from your local app store today!

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