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How you can beat a traffic ticket

Traffic violations are the number one reason for an increase in car insurance costs. So, if you can find a way to beat or avoid getting a ticket, you could save yourself some serious money. But beating a ticket is not always easy. First, understand what exactly you'll be up against when it comes to fighting traffic tickets. The police officer who stops you will give you two separate pieces of paper: a ticket or notice of violation -- basically accusing you of breaking traffic laws/rules--and usually another piece of paper known as the uniform summons which may require you to go to court at a specific time and place.

You may face one or more these charges separately if your case goes to court:

1. Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

2. Driving without insurance or proof of insurance.

3. Failure to maintain lane control, failure to signal before changing lanes, failure to stop or yield at intersections, passing illegally on the right side of double yellow lines, failing to obey traffic signs and lights, etc.

4. Operating an unsafe/unroadworthy/ improperly equipped motor vehicle.

Time is of the essence in traffic court cases, so it's better to hire a lawyer who can handle your case immediately and get the ticket dismissed quickly. A lawyer consultation gives you an opportunity to ask questions about how to handle these types of cases. If you're satisfied with what you hear during that initial consult, then hire the lawyer on the spot! That will allow time for the legal team to gather all the facts and information about your particular case, and prepare a winning strategy before going into court for you.

There is a new subscription service that can help you get your tickets dismissed. Looking for a lawyer to handle your case and get your traffic ticket dismissed for you? Check out and visit us in the app store, we have a team of vetted lawyers who will go to court for you and fight your traffic ticket while you do what you want with your time. Gain some peace of mind while driving knowing that My Ticket Attorney has got you covered.

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