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If you drive for work, you understand the costs it takes to keep your job – gas, parking fees, insurance, annual car maintenance, and more. There can be no end to what you spend on your car. Even with the added costs of care, it’s hard to believe that something as simple as a busted headlight or broken signal light could land you in even more trouble.

Over the long term, traffic violations can be far more expensive than you might expect. If they continue to go unnoticed, eventually your driving record will take a hit and that could potentially mean higher insurance rates or even losing your license to operate a vehicle. Plus, driving nonstop also means that you have very little time for anything else.

Think about how to reduce the chances of getting a ticket. Use this handy checklist to prepare before you drive.

  1. Take note of the expiration of dates of your license and registration.

  2. Maintain your car. You want to stick to your car maintenance schedule. Every 3,000 miles or X months, you get the oil checked and changed. Most car electrical systems can trigger malfunctioning parts. Check flashing lights are working properly.

  3. Plan your route carefully. Using Google Maps or any GPS or driving app like Waze can help you plot out how long it will take to avoid speeding tickets and cameras.

Even if you do all the above, you can still get a traffic ticket. My Ticket Attorney is a subscription service that will help eliminate the nightmare of getting a traffic ticket. Check out to learn more about the new way to fight a traffic ticket. Have our team of vetted lawyers in your area go to court for you and get your ticket dismissed, while you spend your day doing what you want. To learn more, go to or download us from your app store today!

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