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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

A traffic ticket can be the result of several issues including getting pulled over while driving. This can happen for speeding, rolling through a stop sign, failure to yield, not wearing your seat belt properly or other similar offenses. Traffic fines can cost you between $75 to $500 and possibly additional time to resolve a traffic ticket will cost you extra time and money. If the traffic ticket is not addressed in a timely manner, ultimately, you’ll receive penalties like a suspended license. Lastly, the impact to your car insurance and license points are also costly. These costs all add up.

Some people will tell you that the best thing you can do when you get one of these tickets is to plead guilty and take the consequences. You should make sure that there are no further penalties beyond what was expected in the violation notice. But keep in mind, there’s another way to beat that ticket.

If you believe that the ticket was issued in error, it's best if you make an appointment with a local traffic court to present your case before the judge. If you go this route – you must show up to court. Do not think that just because you failed to show up for the hearing does not mean that your plea will be dismissed automatically by default; even if the court sees that you have a good reason for not showing up. You can have several reasons – not able to get a day off from work, family emergencies, or your schedule just does not permit you to attend. Court cases are scheduled and you sit in a room with many waiting for the case to be heard by a civil appointee or judge. Prepare yourself, it can take a while depending on each case as it’s heard.

Most people who get a traffic ticket do it because there could have been unforeseen barriers to pay their car insurance or automobile registration, or to renew their driver’s license. Especially in the past year due to temporary pandemic closures of state buildings and limited online service to handle these issues. In any case, the costs of driving without insurance are steep enough; don't forget the fines and penalties you will also incur on top of those fees!

Once you’ve been ticketed for these traffic violations, the best thing to do is to secure qualified legal help. A traffic ticket lawyer can help you navigate the high costs of traffic tickets and fines, and help you get that ticket dismissed. You can start with the following services: My Ticket Attorney is available in the app store and is a subscription service that matches you with a vetted lawyer in your area who will go to court for you! You can spend your day doing what you want instead of fighting your ticket at a courthouse. My Ticket Attorney is the new way to fight a traffic ticket, download today to get your traffic violation dismissed!

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