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It’s never easy going to court, but if you decide to contest your traffic ticket, there are a few things you should remember to do.

Get your facts straight.

You need to make sure that you have all the facts to your case in a logical, consistent way. Script out what you’re going to say to the judge and come up with questions that you might have to address. Be truthful and don’t try to charm or joke your way out of the ticket during a traffic court appearance. You will only exasperate the judge and it may give the impression that you are deflecting because you are guilty of the traffic violation.

Know what’s at stake.

Most people only have a general idea of how a traffic ticket may impact them. You should learn how much the traffic fine is and how it will affect your insurance premiums by your court date. Also, know the deadlines to put in the request to contest your ticket. Moving violations usually will impact insurance premiums.

Show up on time, or better yet, show up early.

Conduct yourself in a professional manner. As soon as you walk through the courthouse security system, please make sure you’re …… Do not argue with anyone in the common areas, elevators, or hallways. Courthouses have cameras everywhere. Remember everyone there is doing their jobs and trying to ensure a safe and professional environment so cases can be heard efficiently and processed.

Be prepared to shift your approach. Listen carefully. Prepare a few scripts in case you can tell the judge is having a bad day. The amount of traffic court cases can be enormous. A “bad” day still requires a judge or court appointee to objectively make a judgement regarding your case. Take notice of how the court appointee is presiding over cases or the judge is handling cases.

To make the process easier, you can download My Ticket Attorney from your app store or go to My Ticket Attorney matches you with a vetted traffic lawyer in your area who will go to court and fight to get your traffic ticket dismissed for you. My Ticket Attorney is the new way to fight a traffic ticket, for $9/month and 90-day free trial, you can have peace of mind while driving on the road knowing we got your back.

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